ICLaD Issue No.1/2015

This edition of ICLaD (March 2015) is focusing on the changes within the Indonesian criminal justice system, which was recently realized by the decision of the Constitutional Court. ICJR notes that there are some significant changes within the criminal justice system: change on KUHAP and other laws that incorporate criminal justice system.

Additionally, ICLaD also discusses case review (peninjauan kembali) for criminal cases. Provision on case review has generated debates due to the recent capital punishment stories. For the first time in history, Indonesia is executing death penalty in large numbers. The Attorney General Office, including the Supreme Court, are trying to regulate on how many times a case review may be filed, in order to ease the capital punishment execution.

ICJR encourages the government and the Supreme Court to revoke the regulation that limits the case review submission, and at the same time re-regulate the definition of good comprehension on novum, ICJR believes that there is no necessity to limit the rights of the convict to submit a case review petition.

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Ifdhal Kasim

Editor in Chief

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