Overcoming the Execution in Limbo: Review on the Death Penalty Policy in Indonesia in 2017

by adminicjr | November 7, 2017 10:04 am

Every 10th of October, the world is commemorating the Anti-Death Penalty Day. This commemoration is determined during a congress held in Rome on May 2002 by number of organizations which are against the implementation of death penalties. This year remarks the 15th year of the international commemoration in reminding the practice of live deprivation in the name of law.

The recent death penalty execution in Indonesia is occurred in 2016 towards 4 death row inmates, after previously in 2015, Indonesia has executed 14 death row inmates. On 2017, the Attorney General Office of the Republic of Indonesia is continuing its plan to perform subsequent execution. As of now, there are at least 165 people is listed in the death penalty execution waiting list.

For the purpose of commemorating the Anti-Death Penalty Day on 10 October 2017, Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR) present the updates on several legal policies in Indonesia related to the death penalty. This update is performed by ICJR since 2015 until now. On 2017, ICJR has monitored the new trend on the deliberation death penalty policy and trend of court decision on death sentencing.

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