ICLU: Indonesia’s Legal Framework on Anti Terrorism

The war on terrorism has made the government of Indonesia to renew the policy on terrorism. Although critics received from human rights activists, the revision process of Law on Terrorism continued and was finally agreed upon by the government and the House of Representatives which later on becomes the Law No. 5 of 2018.

ICJR has been involved in the advocacy process of the Law on Terrorism. Hand in hand with Indonesia Peace Alliance (Aliansi Indonesia Damai/AIDA), ICJR provided inputs for the revision process to also provide attention on efforts to manage the victim of terrorism In the Draft Law on the Amendment to Terrorism Law, the management of victim of terrorism did not get a portion from the government. Inputs from ICJR and AIDA were finally accepted by the House of Representatives and became the initiatives of the House of Representatives in the discussion of Draft Law on the Amendment to Terrorism Law which finally has been approved by the government and the House of Representatives.

In this ICLU, we describe what are introduced by the Law No. 5 of 2018 so that the public can find out Indonesia efforts in combating terrorism.

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