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Indonesia Must Prepare a Monitoring Mechanism, to Balance the Detention Duration in the Anti-Terrorism Bill

The government and the House of Representatives reportedly have agreed on the duration of detention in the Anti-Terrorism Bill that would be in total 760 days, the detention duration is not part of the arrest duration that has been recently

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Response to the Revision of Information and Electronic Transaction Law (ITE Law): Five Crucial Issues in the ITE Law that Threaten Freedom of Expression in Indonesia

On Thursday, 28 October 2016, the House of Representatives conduct plenary meeting to determine the revision of the ITE Law which has been discussed by the Working Group of Commission I at the House. After nearly six months, finally the

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Pretrial Hearing in Indonesia: Theory, History, and Practice

One of the most debated issues among the legal profession is the coercive action conducted by law enforcement officials, particularly the Investigators and Prosecutors. In general, coercive actions that are commonly acknowledged in most countries are arrest, detention, search, foreclosure,

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