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ICJR calls for Government Assurance on “Indonesian Way” of Death Penalty

The administration of President Joko Widodo introduced the commutation mechanism for the death penalty as criminal punishment. This mechanism applies when there is no execution being done in 10 years of waiting period, the punishment would be commuted from death

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The Distribution and Framing of the Punishments in the Bill of Penal Code is Still Vague, Aliansi RKUHP Renounces a Hurried Adoption of the Bill

Series #1 Adoption of the Bill of Penal Code The overcriminalization as the result of the vagueness in distributing and framing of the punishments in the Bill of Penal Code is clearly contrary to the Mr. President Joko Widodo’s mission

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A Myth Entitled: Death Penalty to Deter Crimes

Indonesia has failed to prevent crimes and moratorium of death row inmates is exigent. Death penalty has always been triggering strong controversy. Some take a view that provision and implementation of death penalty is in contradiction with rights to live,

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