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Daud Ndakularak, a Whistleblower of a Corruption Case in East Nusa Tenggara Who Is Prosecuted

The numbers of Whistleblowers or informer facing threats and intimidations in Indonesia remains high. The protection mechanism against them still requires serious attention. Whistleblowers are one of the most important supporters of law enforcers, particularly in organized crime cases. The

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Revision of the Law on Combating Terrorism Should Reinforce the Rights of Victims to be Remedied

Prior to the case of the first Bali bombing, the Marriott Hotel bombing and the second Bali bombing, Indonesia’s response in the fight against terrorism is increasing dramatically. It is demonstrated with the issuance of Government Regulation in Lieu of

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ICLaD Issue No 2/2015

This edition of ICLaD will discuss the freedom of information in law enforcement sector and important amendment in Witness and Victim Protection Law. These two aspects are considered crucial to be explored to identify the readiness of law enforcer agencies

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