Joint Report on Issues Relating to the Qanun Jinayat of Aceh

The report is also part of follow-up agreement in workshopon Qanun Jinayat held by SP on October 6th2016 along with CSO networks, religious leaders, and academics from Aceh and National. Through this workshop, SP had gathered various data and situation that occur in Aceh which had been influence by the implementation of Qanun Jinayat.

The report also made to follow-up several UPR recommendations in 2012, where Indonesia had been ask to eliminate discriminate policies. But the fact is that even Indonesia as one of countries that signed for ratification, but in various region/areas in Indonesia still establish discriminative policy and the numbers of discriminative policy are increasing each year.

In Concluding Observation for Indonesia that state in August 21st 2013, United National Human Rights Committee also regret with the existence of corporal punishment, including flogging (whip) in Aceh through Qanun Jinayah. The Commitee also recommend for Indonesia government to eliminate those kind of punishment.

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