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2022 Report on Death Penalty in Indonesia: “No One is Protected”

The trajectory of the death penalty in 2022 is characterized by two patterns. First, like in previous years, death penalty is used as a populist narrative, as if countries implementing death penalty have succeeded in dealing with crimes. In 2022,

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Laporan Situasi Kebijakan Pidana Mati di Indonesia 2022: Tak Ada yang Terlindungi

ICJR menerbitkan laporan tahunan situasi kebijakan pidana mati di Indonesia sejak 2016. Dalam rangka mempublikasikan dan mendiskusikan temuan-temuan dalam laporan periode 2022, ICJR menyelenggarakan webinar peluncuran pada Rabu, 12 April 2023 secara daring. Dalam acara webinar, ICJR mengundang dua orang

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Situation Report on Death Penalty Policies in Indonesia of 2021 “Double Uncertainty: Calling for the Assurance of Commutations in the Death Penalty Cases”

ICJR welcome the new chapter in 2022 by publishing an annual report on death penalty cases that have been collected throughout 2021. To the present, ICJR has consistently reported on the development of the situation related to the application of

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