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ICJR Submitted 4 Documents to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on the Issues of Criminal Justice System Reform in Indonesia

In 2022, Indonesia will go through the 4th cycle of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) for the United Nations (UN) Human Rights mechanism. This review aims to assess the Government of Indonesia’s commitment to fulfilling human rights in its country. In

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Political Economy of Pre-Trial Detention: Indonesia Case Study

Pre-trial detention has increasingly become recognised as an important problem in prisons, contributing to overcrowding and poor prison conditions. It can indicate how state and society treats suspects, and can indicate problems with compliance with the principles of due process,

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KUHAP, Court Reform Needed to Uphold Justice and Legal System, Activists Say

 Activists on Friday called on the government and legislature to deliberate on a planned revision of the Criminal Code of Procedures following last week’s ruling by the Constitutional Court to expand the jurisdiction of pretrial hearings. The court had ruled that a

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Pretrial Hearing in Indonesia: Theory, History, and Practice

One of the most debated issues among the legal profession is the coercive action conducted by law enforcement officials, particularly the Investigators and Prosecutors. In general, coercive actions that are commonly acknowledged in most countries are arrest, detention, search, foreclosure,

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