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Caning as Legal Corporal Punishment Ruins the Image of Indonesia Human Rights

The government has been aware of the negatives effects of the Caning Punishment but preferred efforts to cover this issue rather than completely abolish this type of punishment. In 2017, ICJR noted that the practices of caning in Aceh are

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A year Qanun Jinayat: Excessive Usage of Caning in Aceh

The Indonesian government must put an end to caning as a form of punishment and repeal or revise the provisions within the Qanun Jinayat (Islamic Criminal Law in Aceh) that provides violations of international law and national criminal law. Caning

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ICJR Demands Minister of Interior Affair’s promises of Executive Review on Qanun Aceh No. 6 of 2014 on Jinayat Law

On 2014, the draft paper of Qanun or Raqan (Aceh Regional Islamic laws) on Jinayat (criminal law) was again presented to of House of Representative of Aceh Regional Government (DPR Aceh) to be discussed as a bill. After some discussions,

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ICJR: Qanun Jinayat Causes a Setback to the Indonesia’s Punishment Law and Adds Indonesia’s Burden in International Anti-Torture Forum

Finally the Aceh’s House of Representatives, on Saturday (27/09) predawn, passed the Regional Regulation on Islamic Sharia which will be in effect not only to Moslem but also Non-Moslem citizens. The Regional Regulation that regulates Islamic Criminal Law or Qanun

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ICJR: Qanun Jinayat mengakibatkan Kemunduran Hukum Pemidanaan Indonesia dan menambah beban Indonesia di Forum Anti penyiksaan Internasional

Akhirnya Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Aceh (DPRA), pada Sabtu (27/09) dinihari, mengesahkan perda syariat Islam yang akan berlaku tidak hanya bagi orang Islam tetapi juga warga non-Muslim. Perda yang mengatur hukum pidana Islam atau Qanun Jinayat ini disetujui secara aklamasi dalam

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