ICJR Demands Minister of Interior Affair’s promises of Executive Review on Qanun Aceh No. 6 of 2014 on Jinayat Law

On 2014, the draft paper of Qanun or Raqan (Aceh Regional Islamic laws) on Jinayat (criminal law) was again presented to of House of Representative of Aceh Regional Government (DPR Aceh) to be discussed as a bill. After some discussions, DPR Aceh has finally passed the bill on 27 September 2014. And now, the bill is referred to as Qanun Aceh No. 6 of 2014 on Jinayat, and will be in force on 28 September 2015 (“6/2014 Qanun”).

Prior to the 6/2014 Qanun, there are three forbidden acts (Jarimah) that has been regulated under specific Qanun since 2003, namely alcoholic beverages-related offences (Khamar), gambling (Maisir), and seclusion by non-marriage couple (Khalwat). Qanun for these offences will remain in force as Article 74 of the 6/2014 Qanun states that existing Qanun on Khamar, Maisir, and Khalwat will be repealed and replaced at the time that the 6/2014 Qanun is in force. In the last draft edition of 6/2014 Qanun, all the current existing qanun jinayahs is compiled and strengthened in 6/2014 Qanun. Therefore, the scope of criminal offences, criminal sanction, and perpetrator under the 6/2014 Qanun is wider than previous qanuns.

Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR) urges the Minister of Interior Affairs to present executive review on 6/2014 Qanun. Based on the media publication, just before the end of of 2014, the Minister promised the public to make executive review of the 6/2014 Qanun. For following up the matters further, on 3 February 2015 ICJR has sent official letter to the Ministerial demanding the Minister of Interior Affair to announce the executive review publish it to the public.

ICJR has noted number of problem in several articles in the 6/2014 Qanun, especially on the exercise of lashes (corporal punishment). There are at least 10 criminal offenses (Jarimah) incorporated under the 6/2014 Qanun (Article 3), which comprises of 46 types of prohibited action that punishable by lashes (see table). The excessive use of lashes punishment in the 6/2014 Qanun is in contradiction with its higher regulation in Indonesia, namely Article 1 of Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP). Besides, as party to the Convention Against Torture and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Indonesia is obliged to adjust their national and regional criminal law in accordance with the prevailing covenants that has been ratified. Hence, ICJR reminds the Minister of Interior Affairs to conclude its obligation to draft the executive review of the 6/2014 Qanun.

Criminal Offences Articles Prohibited Actions Qubat Sanctions (Lashes)
1. Khamar (Alcoholic Beverages-Related Offences) Art. 15 Consume alcoholic beverages 40 lashes
Art. 16 (1) Produce alcoholic beverages 60 lashes
Art. 16 (2) Buy, bring, or give away alcoholic beverages 20 lashes
Art. 17 Involving minor to the prohibited actions 80 lashes
2. Maisir (Gambling) Art. 18 Gambling with maximum bet value for 2 grams of pure gold 12 lashes
Art. 19 Gambling with bet value for more than 2 grams of pure gold 30 lashes
Art. 20 Organizing, facilitating, or funding gambling. 45 lashes
Art. 21 Involving minor to the prohibited actions 45 lashes
Art. 22 Attempt to conduct prohibited gambling actions ½ of the punishable lashes
3. Khalwat (Seclusion by non-marriage couple) Art. 23 (1) Commit seclusion 10 lashes
Art. 23 (2) Organizing, facilitating, or promoting seclusion 15 lashes
4. Ikhtilath (Intermingling males and females in one place) Art. 25 (1) Committing intermingling 30 lashes
Art. 25 (2) Organizing, facilitating, or promoting intermingling 45 lashes
Art. 26 Intermingling with minor above 10 years old 45 lashes
Art. 27 Intermingling with Mahram (unmarriageable kin) 30 lashes + Uqubat Ta’zir
Art. 30 ayat (1) Accusing person for intermingling without adequate evident 30 lashes
Art. 30 ayat (2) Recidivist of intermingling 45 lashes
5. Adultery Art. 33 ayat (1) Committing Adultery 100 lashes
Art. 33 ayat (2) Recidivist of adultery 100 lashes
Art. 33 ayat (3) Facilitating or promoting adultery 100 lashes
Art. 34 Committing adultery to minor 100 lashes & possibility for additional 100 lashes
Art. 35 Committing adultery with Mahram (unmarriageable kin) 100 lashes
6. Sexual Harassment Art. 46 Committing sexual harassment 45 lashes
Art. 47 Committing sexual harassment to minor 90 lashes
7. Rape Art. 48 Committing rape Max.175 lashes
Art. 49 Committing rape with Mahram (unmarriageable kin) Max. 200 lashes
Art. 50 Committing rape to minor Max. 200 lashes
8. Qadzaf (Accusing people for committing adultery) Art. 57 ayat (1) Accusing people for committing adultery 80 lashes
Art. 57 ayat (2) Recidivist of accusing people for committing adultery 80 lashes
9. Liwath (Homosexual) Art. 63 ayat (1) Committing homosexual 100 lashes
Art. 63 ayat (2) Recidivist of homosexual 100 lashes
Art. 63 ayat (3) Committing homosexual to minor 100 lashes & possibility for additional 100 lashes
10. Musahaqah (Lesbian) Art. 64 ayat (1) Committing lesbian 100 lashes
Art. 64 ayat (2) Recidivist of lesbian 100 lashes
  Committing lesbian to minor 100 lashes & possibility for additional 100 lashes

Translate by: Robert Sidauruk

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