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Kertas Kebijakan: Catatan dan Desakan Masyarakat Sipil atas Revisi UU ITE

Lembaga Masyarakat Sipil yang tergabung dibawah ini menyusun sebuah Kertas Kebijakan sebagai catatan kritis dan masukan terkait permasalahan dalam UU ITE dengan harapan para pembuat kebijakan untuk merevisi total UU ITE. Amnesty International Indonesia Aliansi Jurnalis Independen ELSAM Greenpeace Indonesia

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ICJR Sent Amicus Curiae Brief for Baiq Nuril Maknun, a Victim of Sexual Harassment Who Is Accused of Violating Section 27 (1) of the ITE Law

On 17 July 2017, ICJR filed an Amicus Curiae brief to the Mataram District Court for the case of Baiq Nuril Maknun with case register number: 265/Pid.Sus/2017/PN.Mtr. “Amicus curiae” or “Friends of the Court” is a practice derived from the

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Response to the Revision of Information and Electronic Transaction Law (ITE Law): Five Crucial Issues in the ITE Law that Threaten Freedom of Expression in Indonesia

On Thursday, 28 October 2016, the House of Representatives conduct plenary meeting to determine the revision of the ITE Law which has been discussed by the Working Group of Commission I at the House. After nearly six months, finally the

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ICJR: Final Results from the Discussion on the Draft Bill on Information and Electronic Transaction Will Still Potentially Threaten Freedom of Expression

“Revision to Article 27 (3) of the Information and Electronic Transaction Law (“ITE Law”) will not change the paradigm; the ITE Law will still threaten the freedom of expression and democracy” Based on the information received by the Institute for

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Unlawful Blocking Action on LGBT Websites Should Be Stopped

On 3 March 2016, Commission I of the House of Representatives have asked the Ministry of Communications and Information to block several websites which managed by a number of LGBT communities or organizations. Besides the request from the House, the

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ICJR Demands the Government to Fulfill Promise to Revise ITE Law and Repeal Article 27 Paragraph 3 of ITE Law

Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR) reminds the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Rudiantara, to immediately fulfil the Government’s promise to revise Law on Information and Electronic Transaction (ITE Law). Anggara, the Chairperson of Governing Board of ICJR, asserts

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