ICJR Policy Brief: EU – Indonesia Human Rights Dialogue

Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR) established in 2007 is an independent research institution focusing on criminal law reform, criminal justice system reform, and legal reform in general in Indonesia. ICJR has conducted three major programs: research and advocacy, training, and strategic litigation. ICJR actively has a major role in the reformation of criminal policy in Indonesia by regularly providing policy recommendations for both government and parliament.

A number of challenges apparently appear during the process of any policy reform. In the present policy brief, ICJR will try to highlight some issues under these four aspects: (a) criminal policy and criminal justice reform, (b) access to justice, (c) freedom of expression, and (d) rights of minority. Lastly, some points of recommendations to address the problems will be outlined.

Download ICJR Policy Brief: EU – Indonesia Human Rights Dialogue

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