#Indonesia : Executed in the name of Law

The Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR) hereby expresses our deep disappointment and concern for the decision of President Joko Widodo and his administration to continue the execution of 14 death convicts.

This effort to execute the death row, in ICJR views is only shows that President Joko Widodo and his government has failed to demonstrate its commitment to establish an open and transparent government and respect the human rights

ICJR considers that President Joko Widodo and his government have also shown an inability to make systemic changes in the reform of the criminal justice system and decolonization of criminal law and in general has failed to improve the situation of the criminal law enforcement in Indonesia

The closure of information concerning the execution and disregard to the possibility of error in law enforcement against the person sentenced to death during the reign of President Joko Widodo has put Indonesia in the lowest point of the protection of human rights and the denial of the effort to form an open and transparent government

ICJR expressed deep sympathy to the death convict and their families. ICJR also called for when there is an error in the law enforcement against the death row inmates, the families of the convicts are not hesitate to bring President Joko Widodo and his government to the Court

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